The ultimate BMX racing tyre, the PowerBlock is designed to efficiently transfer pedal power and other rider inputs into lateral motion. In short, you’ll roll faster with less wasted energy. In steel bead with thicker, stronger sidewall. The standard PowerBlock strikes the sacred equilibrium between performance and value.

Specially designed texture pattern, strategically applied to the sidewall adds abrasion protection without sacrificing casing suppleness.

Distinc 3-stage tread zones are what truly sets it apart. 

How do we know? Relentlessness – an 18-month trial-by-error development cycle race confirmed by elite fast2 racers around the world.


The outer knobs
About half the length of the transition knobs, the outer knobs are designed for maximum compression and traction at lean angles greater than 25 degrees. Typicallynot needed during a clean race, but if things get messy, the outer knobs will keep tracking during aggressive maneuvering and cornering giving you every last bit of grip to get you across the finish line faster.

The centre row "Power Block"
During acceleration, heavy pedaling toorque is transferred to the centre tread zone of the rear tyre. If these centre knobs are too small or tall they will exhibit greater knob flex/compression and stick to the ground just a bit longer before take-off, robbing valuable energy (too much traction is not always a good thing) conversely if knobs are too big or short, the tyre may slip under heavy torque before regaining traction significantly slowing you down.

Each Power Block is proportionally sized to handle the torque without sticking and perfectly balanced with the proper height to minimise slipping all while retaining very low rolling resistance after take-off.

The transition knobs
Substtantially smaller than the centre blocks and in exact proportion to the centre blocks the transition knobs are designed to deform slightly at lean angles greater than 15 degrees. This knob deformation or compression is the rubber "sticking" to the ground which is akin to traction. They are positioned at 45 degree angle relative to the centre knobs to help maintain forward momentum during side-to-side transitions and cornering.

Who rides Tioga? 
TIOGA Proudly supports local, regional, and international riders of all levels. Our products are race proven by some of the fastest racers in the world.
UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Tour

Chase BMX  J&R Bicycles Race Team YESS BMX Factory Team German National Team
Rift Factory Team Royalty Factory Team Full Tilt Factory Team Canadian National Team
DHR/USA Cycling Jr Devo Team Laura Smulders Racing SpeedCo Factory Team Russian National Team
Dutch National Team       
Marina Pajon  Connor Fields Joris Daudet  Billy Griggs
Anthony Dean  Sylvain Andre Laura Smulders Jeff Upshaw
Tory Nyhaug Romain Mahieu Jelle Van Gorkom Donny Robinson
Dani George Sophia Foresta Mika Shaw Cole Tesar
Merle Van Benthem Federico Villegas Jay Shippers Tanner Sebesta
Tyler Brown James Palmer Niek Kimmann Dave Van Der Burg

offers versatility with minimal disruption to your momentum like no other.

Shipping Weight 0.3750kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.200m

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